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Part of our Second Series on Alternative Wellness Treatments, which includes Reflexology, Acupuncture, and Cupping. Most of these treatments have been used for thousands of years and have stood the test of time. So if nothing else is working for you, maybe one of these is worth a try!

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Acupressure is an alternative treatment which is often used in conjunction with Acupuncture. Similar to Reflexology for the hands and feet, Acupressure is essentially the same procedure, but applied to points over your whole body.

The concept is based on the belief that your body’s life energy flows through meridians (Chi), and if these are blocked then issues will arise.  The name for this life energy is usually called Chi.

This is not some magical or mystical thing in nature, like many will tend to believe, but simply the life force that all living things have in common when walking this planet. All of our bodies have electrical currents running through them, not just skin and bones. It is simply how your cells function.

Acupressure, MD Organics CBD Wellness


First, you will either have a phone interview prior to your appointment, or an in person interview the day of your session. This is for the Professional, usually an Acupuncturist, to understand any health issues you are experiencing for a better, targeted treatment.

Second, similarly to massage therapy you will disrobe down to your underwear or shorts. Either sitting or lying down. They need to get at the skin son!

Third, during treatment physical pressure will be applied to trigger points all over the body. The hope is to clear blockages in your body’s Meridians and have your particular issue resolved.

The pressure is typically increase for about 30 seconds, then held for 30-60 seconds, then decrease for 30 seconds. This is often repeated 3-5 times per location.

Today, many Practitioners have been incorporating the use of CBD Oil for the added benefits that come with its use, applied topically to the skin. This will hydrate and lubricant the skin for better application of pressure to your trigger points.

Acupressure, MD Organics CBD Wellness

Acupressure has helped people with many conditions.

Obviously, pain relief and recovery of injury.

However, it can help with Emotional issues, as well as Sexual and Women’s Issues.


Shiatsu Therapy

The first, most known, method is a Japanese style of acupressure called Shiatsu. which means finger pressure. This method the therapist uses their fingers to apply firm pressure on acupoints in order to equalize the energy imbalances in the body. It also includes exercises for breathing, stretching, and meditation.

Meridian Therapy

This technique was born in China and is based on Bioenergy circulation. This technique focuses on the energy circulation of the whole body over that of the circulation of the blood.

This therapy consists of 12 Meridians or Channels in the human body and most sensitive parts are around the toes, fingertips, knees, and elbows. Meridian acupressure technique focuses on these sensitive points in order to promote Bioenergy circulation.

Acupressure, MD Organics CBD Wellness


If you have read our other articles on the benefits of CBD Oil, then you will know that any treatment will only be enhanced with the use of an Organic CBD Product. As CBD works within your Endocannabinoid System (ECS), which is located all throughout your body including your skin. Whether it is internal or topical, CBD is nutrient-rich oil extracted from the Hemp plant, which will give your body what it needs to function as it once did.


Overall, we hope you have learned all about Acupressure as a new source of an alternative health treatment.

We explained how it works, the potential benefits, most famous therapies, how a typical session will work, and used in conjunction with a CBD for greater effects. 

So, if conventional methods just aren’t working for your particular issue(s), then you have nothing to lose, so why not give it a try!


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