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This is Part of Our Series of Articles on Alternative Wellness Options, where we will be discussing Three Main Areas for options to the conventional thinking of popping a pill or undergoing surgery. We will go into greater detail on each of these options in subsequent articles.

Cryotherapy, Chiropractic, and Massage.

Alternative Wellness, MD Organics CBD Wellness


First, we will discuss Non Surgical Cryotherapy or Water Therapy.

  • A New Wellness Option, so research is limited as well as potential benefits.
  • Is the treatment that involves the use of near freezing or freezing temperatures.
  • Could be unpleasant if you abject to cold temperatures.
  • Most Popular method is to sit in a chamber for a few minutes. Also, there are Cryotherapy facials and the use of a Cold Wand to target a painful joint.
  • A non surgical application for the use in Spas or Dermatology.
  • Doctors also used this therapy to remove warts or cancerous cells.

As always discuss with your Doctor before starting with Cryotherapy, but it is generally regarded as safe. In addition, pregnant women, people with high blood pressure, and children should not use Cryotherapy.

Moreover, here we are talking about the use of a chamber for full body coverage. In this application a user will sit in a chamber that encloses the body up to the neck so your brain/head will remain at room temperature. The average time spent is usually between 3-5 minutes.

The premise for whole body Cryotherapy grew from the benefits of an ice pack. As we all know Doctors advise to use an ice pack on injured muscles and joints, and to reduce swelling.

After removal of the ice pack the purpose is hopefully to increase blood flow to the area which will promote pain relief and speed up healing.

A study done in 2000, showed that full body Cryotherapy helped temporarily reduce pain in people with Rheumatoid Arthritis and the effects of intense exercise.

In addition, people are seeking Water therapy for Reducing Inflammation, Weight Loss, Anxiety or Depression, Migraines, and Skin Related Issues like Eczema.

Alternative Wellness, MD Organics CBD Wellness


Chiropractic is a licensed profession in the health care industry, and Its main focus or goal is to give the user’s body the ability to heal itself. Treatment involves manual spinal and joint manipulation with short and quick applications of pressure resulting in a cracking sound of the particular body part.

Many think these are bones cracking and make a lot of people hesitate and nervous about going to seek this treatment option.

However, the cracking sound one experiences during adjustments happens because the fluid around the joint builds up in pressure. This cracking is just the air being released from the cushioning material in that particular location of your body.

When the adjustment happens, the fluid changes from a liquid into a gas, making the cracking sound that you hear. This is called Cavitation.

Chiropractic like with Cryotherapy is generally regarded as a safe treatment option. However, if you have any underlying medical issues or injuries in the past it is always best to disclose these before treatment.

Alternative Wellness, MD Organics CBD Wellness


The Wellness Treatment of Massage has been well known for its numerous benefits for years now.  The oldest written record of massage therapy dates back to roughly 1800 B.C. from a Chinese Medical text of Con-Fu of the Toa-Tse.

Generally, it is regarded as the forerunner to all manual therapies including the ones mentioned above. In a professional setting, a client with lay on a massage table, massage chair, or on a mat on the floor. The one who performs the massage is called a Masseuse.


  • DEEP MASSAGE – Slower and Stronger Strokes to target the deeper layers of tissue and muscles. Used for injuries.
  • SWEDISH MASSAGE – No not a hot Swedish Girl giving you a massage. This is a softer, gentle massage incorporating long strokes, vibration, kneading, and circular movements for relaxation.
  • TRIGGER POINT MASSAGE – This is a more focused approach, targeting tight or injured muscle fibers to bring blood flow and relaxing of the muscle.
  • SPORTS MASSAGE – Similar to a swedish massage but usually used for people involved in athletics or exercising to help in recovery or prevent injuries.

There are Numerous Others, such as Shiatsu, Thai, Aquatic, and Medical massages, but these are the more well-known therapies used by the majority of people.

Some Benefits:
  • Reduced Anxiety/Depression/Stress
  • Increased Lymph Circulation
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Quicker Recovery from Exercise/Injury
  • Reduction in Inflammation/Swelling/Soreness
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Strong Immune System

Alternative Wellness, MD Organics CBD Wellness


Any Organic CBD Oil or CBD Topical application will usually only enhance the benefits of all of these treatment options for you. Many users take CBD in addition to these therapies for recovery of sore muscles and strains.


Overall, we will go deeper into each of these three Wellness Therapies over the next few weeks with more useful information, as well as tips and tricks to get the best possible outcome for you or your loved one.

So if you are struggling with an injury or in pain, and do not want to get the usual pop a pill prescription, maybe try one of these options for your wellness needs.






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