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This is Part of Our Larger Series on Alternative Wellness Therapies, where we will be discussing Cryotherapy, Massage, and Chiropractic.

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Cryotherapy (also known as Cold Therapy or Water Therapy) is an umbrella term referring to the application of low temperatures for medical or wellness therapies. For our Reference we will be discussing the noninvasive types used in Spa treatments. However, there are a few different types of Cryotherapy, such as…

  • Cryoablation – This is a medical procedure incorporating the use of extreme cold temperatures to destroy diseased tissue. Also, used internally for the destruction of tumors.
  • Cryosurgery – Utilized for the destroying diseased or abnormal tissue as well. However, this is typically used externally, such as warts, moles, skin cancer, or other skin issues.
  • Non Medical Cryotherapy – This refers to Whole Body Cryotherapy Chambers, Cryotherapy guns for targeted locations of the body, such as muscles and joints, and Cryotherapy wands for facials and beauty.

abc news reporter in a cryotherapy chamber


Some potential benefits for trying Cold therapy is to…

  • Recovery from an Injury or Rigorous Exercise.
  • Kick-starts the Body’s natural healing process.
  • Boosts Metabolism for Weight Loss
  • Boosts Levels of Endorphins and Adrenaline
  • Mood Enhancement, Lowers Stress Levels
  • Reduces Inflammation/Helps flush Lactic Acid from the Muscles

However, this is not a complete list of potential benefits. Some Other users have reported helping with Eczema, and other skin issues, as well as Arthritis, and Premature aging issues. 


For the Full Body Chamber…

  1. When you will arrive you will change into the costume the facility has for you.
  2. You will then be guided into the Machine.
  3. The machine will reduce the temperature between around -120 to -180 Degrees Celsius. Using a liquid Nitrogen or Electrical system.
  4. Your blood with rush to your core to keep your organs functioning.
  5. A treatment will typically last for 1-3 minutes. That’s It, You’re Done!

cryotherapy wand used on an injured soccer player's leg

Cryotherapy Gun…

  • For immediate first aid for acute sports injuries.
  • Also, used for chronic long term issues.
  • Protection of the damaged tissue to prevent further injury.
  • Decrease in swelling, constricting the blood vessels.
  • Pain relief, by blocking pain signals to the brain.


Cryotherapy Beauty…cryotherapy wand for facials

  1. Applications include facials, or targeted body parts of the skin.
  2. Used to slow down the signs of aging, speed up weight loss, and improve complexion.
  3. Same process as the chamber using freezing temperatures, but uses a Wand for targeting topical areas.
  4. Can create tighter skin, reduce pore size, leave a glowing complexion.
  5. Reduction in cellulite/fine lines by stimulating collagen production, & burning of the fat cells.


Many people seeking alternative wellness treatments tend to use other all natural, organic remedies, such as Essential oils, CBD Oil ingestibles or topicals, and other healthy options found in nature.

Many users of CBD take it to aid in recovery from exercise or injury. As hemp oil is loaded with a myriad of vitamins and minerals, in addition to Cannabidiol. So it will only help in giving you the nutrients needed everyday for your body to function at its optimal level.


Side Effects that have been reported are minimal at best, and usually temporary. These are typically tingling, numbness, redness, and/or an irritation to the skin. If you have an aversion to cold then this will not be for you. 

For medically invasive Cryotherapy then the risks are a bit greater because you are puncturing the skin, even though these are still minimal. More Importantly, it’s always best to discuss it with your Doctor if you have any underlying condition for any use of Cryotherapy.


Overall, Cryotherapy might not work for everyone. But for people who are tired of the routine western medicine “pop a pill” mentality, without addressing the underlying issue, this therapy may be an option. In addition, adding CBD may help with all of your wellness needs.

For many users, Cold Therapy has helped them speed up the healing process from an injury or has helped them in their beauty goals.

As Always, do your due diligence before embarking on any procedure for the best possible outcome, and speak with your Healthcare Professional if you have any underlying medical condition.


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Massage Cryotherapy and Chiropractic wellness options


Cryotherapy Article

This is Part of Our Series of Articles on Alternative Wellness Options, where we will be discussing Three Main Areas for options to the conventional thinking of popping a pill or undergoing surgery. We will go into greater detail on each of these options in subsequent articles.

Cryotherapy, Chiropractic, and Massage.

woman under water floating, cryotherapy example


First, we will discuss Non Surgical Cryotherapy or Water Therapy.

  • A New Wellness Option, so research is limited as well as potential benefits.
  • Is the treatment that involves the use of near freezing or freezing temperatures.
  • Could be unpleasant if you abject to cold temperatures.
  • Most Popular method is to sit in a chamber for a few minutes. Also, there are Cryotherapy facials and the use of a Cold Wand to target a painful joint.
  • A non surgical application for the use in Spas or Dermatology.
  • Doctors also used this therapy to remove warts or cancerous cells.

As always discuss with your Doctor before starting with Cryotherapy, but it is generally regarded as safe. In addition, pregnant women, people with high blood pressure, and children should not use Cryotherapy.

Moreover, here we are talking about the use of a chamber for full body coverage. In this application a user will sit in a chamber that encloses the body up to the neck so your brain/head will remain at room temperature. The average time spent is usually between 3-5 minutes.

The premise for whole body Cryotherapy grew from the benefits of an ice pack. As we all know Doctors advise to use an ice pack on injured muscles and joints, and to reduce swelling.

After removal of the ice pack the purpose is hopefully to increase blood flow to the area which will promote pain relief and speed up healing.

A study done in 2000, showed that full body Cryotherapy helped temporarily reduce pain in people with Rheumatoid Arthritis and the effects of intense exercise.

In addition, people are seeking Water therapy for Reducing Inflammation, Weight Loss, Anxiety or Depression, Migraines, and Skin Related Issues like Eczema.

Chiropractic Doctor aligning a women's wrist


Chiropractic is a licensed profession in the health care industry, and Its main focus or goal is to give the user’s body the ability to heal itself. Treatment involves manual spinal and joint manipulation with short and quick applications of pressure resulting in a cracking sound of the particular body part.

Many think these are bones cracking and make a lot of people hesitate and nervous about going to seek this treatment option.

However, the cracking sound one experiences during adjustments happens because the fluid around the joint builds up in pressure. This cracking is just the air being released from the cushioning material in that particular location of your body.

When the adjustment happens, the fluid changes from a liquid into a gas, making the cracking sound that you hear. This is called Cavitation.

Chiropractic like with Cryotherapy is generally regarded as a safe treatment option. However, if you have any underlying medical issues or injuries in the past it is always best to disclose these before treatment.

woman getting a massage with cream


The Wellness Treatment of Massage has been well known for its numerous benefits for years now.  The oldest written record of massage therapy dates back to roughly 1800 B.C. from a Chinese Medical text of Con-Fu of the Toa-Tse.

Generally, it is regarded as the forerunner to all manual therapies including the ones mentioned above. In a professional setting, a client with lay on a massage table, massage chair, or on a mat on the floor. The one who performs the massage is called a Masseuse.


  • DEEP MASSAGE – Slower and Stronger Strokes to target the deeper layers of tissue and muscles. Used for injuries.
  • SWEDISH MASSAGE – No not a hot Swedish Girl giving you a massage. This is a softer, gentle massage incorporating long strokes, vibration, kneading, and circular movements for relaxation.
  • TRIGGER POINT MASSAGE – This is a more focused approach, targeting tight or injured muscle fibers to bring blood flow and relaxing of the muscle.
  • SPORTS MASSAGE – Similar to a swedish massage but usually used for people involved in athletics or exercising to help in recovery or prevent injuries.

There are Numerous Others, such as Shiatsu, Thai, Aquatic, and Medical massages, but these are the more well-known therapies used by the majority of people.

Some Benefits:
  • Reduced Anxiety/Depression/Stress
  • Increased Lymph Circulation
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Quicker Recovery from Exercise/Injury
  • Reduction in Inflammation/Swelling/Soreness
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Strong Immune System

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Any Organic CBD Oil or CBD Topical application will usually only enhance the benefits of all of these treatment options for you. Many users take CBD in addition to these therapies for recovery of sore muscles and strains.


Overall, we will go deeper into each of these three Wellness Therapies over the next few weeks with more useful information, as well as tips and tricks to get the best possible outcome for you or your loved one.

So if you are struggling with an injury or in pain, and do not want to get the usual pop a pill prescription, maybe try one of these options for your wellness needs.






woman holding a dumbbell squating and smiling


This is Part of Our Larger Series on Fitness where we cover the Big Three. Cardio, Strength Training, and Stretching. Be sure to check out our other articles so you are getting the best tips for your daily workout regimen.



This is our last installment of our Fitness Articles covering the BIG THREE areas of getting in shape. These all are important in providing your body with a full and complete workout.

Forsaking one will only increase the chances

of getting injured and/or limiting changes physically and mentally.

infographic showing types of strength training products


There are numerous workouts you can incorporate with these products on a daily or weekly basis. These are just a few.

  • Dumbbells (Free Weights) – Start light and build up over time. Focus on proper technique instead of how much weight you are using. A common mistake for many people.
  • Kettlebells – U shaped handle with round weight at the bottom. Great for swinging, lifting, and squatting.
  • Barbells – Long straight steel bars or with v shaped handles on the bar. These you can add weight or they come with a set weight attached to the bar.
  • Machines – These are the machines that you can adjust the weight and seat, but the motion of the machine stays the same.
  • Resistance Bands – thin, long, and tubular colored rubber bands. Great for strengthening the smaller muscles and ligaments/tendons that the options above do not address. Many use these bands for rehabilitation from an injury.
  • Body Weight Exercises – Chin Ups, Pull Ups, Sit Ups, etc. Any resistance where the only weight you are using is your own.

We suggest to incorporate all of these in your weekly fitness routine. This will insure that you are giving attention to every muscle in your body. There are about 640 Muscles in your body, so doing the same five exercises every week isn’t going to address them all. Keep the Body Guessing!

woman at the gym doing biceps curls with a barbell


Cross training is a whole body workout incorporating aerobic, flexibility, and weight training. You can do these all in one workout or switch up days to focus on one of the three. For example,

  • Monday you do Yoga
  • Tuesday you go to the gym and work out with weights
  • Wednesday you go swimming
  • Thursday take an Aerobics Class
  • Friday you go for a Run

This routine is great if you are experienced in fitness and have hit a plateau or wall. A Plateau or Wall is when you are not seeing any more changes physically or cannot lift any heavier weight.

Moreover, it is beneficial because it is confusing your muscles, as well as giving attention to weaker muscles and joints that might not be utilized as much, as in your regular workouts.

In Addition, these routines are wonderful because there are a million possibilities of weekly workouts so you will never get bored.

As mentioned in our other articles, your muscles have a memory. After only a few weeks of doing the same strength training exercises your muscles know what is coming. 

This is why you see the same people who look exactly the same and have been working out for ten years. So you constantly have to keep your muscles and body guessing.

  • Increase/Decrease Weight for each Exercise.
  • Do more/less Repetitions.
  • Do more/less Sets.
  • Switch up Rest times in between Sets or Exercises
  • Switch up Routines and Times of Workouts

As with an New Fitness plan we always advise to consult with a physician before starting, especially if you are on medications or have an underlying health issue.

girl doing a head stand on a surfboard on the waterCONCLUSION

To Sum Up, we have learned that having an overall fitness regimen is essential for living a long, high quality of life. While also decreasing stress, illness, injuries, and mental health issues. 

In life, one should feed the five areas of living a balanced life.

Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, and Intellectual

These Five Areas should be getting attention each day. When you starve one of these, the balance gets shifted and soon the other areas will be negatively impacted.

For example, we all know workaholics. These people work 12-16 hour days, do not work out, nothing spiritual, or eat right. These souls will get ill or disease will overtake their bodies sooner or later.

butterfly on a leafMany are on numerous medications, have high blood pressure, or other health issues. Consequently, many lives will be cut short because they starved the other four areas.

So nourish and give attention to all these five areas of life each day. As time passes you will see the best version of yourself emerge like a butterfly!



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cat stretching on a bed


This is Part of Our Larger Series on Fitness where we cover the Big Three. Cardio, Strength Training, and Stretching. Be sure to check out our other articles so you are using the best techniques and tips for your daily workouts.



So why is Stretching important? Simply, because the actual stretching of your muscles and joints…

  • Increases Flexibility
  • Your Range of Motion
  • Prevents Injury

This is essential for your daily movements as you live your lives, and as you age. 

Furthermore, this is often the most neglected part of a Fitness Regime. So many people rush to get a workout in and forget that stretching is a vital part of the Triad of Exercise. Without stretching you are risking injury and if you are injured then your stuck on the couch lol, and there is no fitness routine.

infographic showing a woman stretching and benefits of stretching

These are only a few of the numerous benefits that daily stretching can provide you for a more vital and healthier you!


Again, like most things on the internet you will find opinions on both sides of how to stretch, when to stretch, and so on. However, we are right so listen to us lol.

Some will say bouncing when stretching will not tear a muscle or lead to injury, but we have seen different, especially if the body part is not warmed up. We suggest to keep a static stretch for at least 15-30 seconds per body part. 

In addition, we suggest to do this on each body part for 2-4 repetitions, or at least more than once. Most of us have seen the person who does a quick two second hamstring stretch bent over with hands to the floor, then jumps into a workout. This stretching really accomplishes nothing and as you age you are only increasing your risk of injury.

Sustaining the Stretch for 15-30 seconds will release the muscle, and in many cases you will feel it actually release or lengthen. What this does is increase blood flow into the muscle fibers and will decrease the likelihood of an injury when exercising.

Overall, stretching should be at least a good 5-10 minutes pre and post workout. It should not be painful, but you should feel tension. You might actually feel a little winded after a good stretch routine and relaxed. However, wake up! You still have to workout.

middle aged woman stretching before a run


  1. Lie on the floor with legs straight and reach for your toes or ankles. Great for the hamstrings, lower back, and shoulders.
  2. Stay on the floor and bring one leg/foot into your other inner thigh and reach for your toes with the same arm that is bent. Great for the lower back, hamstrings, and side abs; then reverse legs.
  3. With your Back on the floor bring one leg at a time to your chest for your buttocks and lower back. 
  4. Lay completely flat and spread out legs and arms, and cross one leg over your body so it is parallel to your outstretched arm, then reverse, great for back and side buttocks.
  5. Flip over and lay flat on your stomach, now pull up like doing a push up with your arms while legs remain flat, this stretches your core/abdominal muscles. A more intense way, like in yoga, you can raise your legs off the floor slightly.
  6. Sit up with your legs bent inward and the soles of your feet together and bend down grasping your toes and bring towards your chin. Groin/Back.
  7. More advanced stretch is to place feet and hands on floor like a grab walk and lift your core to the sky for your front shoulders/arms.
  8. With back on the floor and legs bent at about a 60 degree angle so your knees are the high point, cross one leg at the ankle and place on top of the opposite leg right above the knee, now bring the uncrossed leg towards your chest, great for groin and back. Reverse and repeat.
  9. Face the floor and bring knees to the chest like a downward fetal position and straighten your arms.
  10. Lay flat on back and bring one arm across your chest and hold at the elbow for your shoulders, reverse and repeat.

women holding a boquet of sunflowers stretching legs on the road of a bridge at nigth


  1. Hold onto a railing or wall and bend one leg back to your butt and grab at the ankle for your thighs. Reverse and Repeat.
  2. Feet together bend down and try to touch the floor or grab around your ankels or calves. The more you do it the further you will be able to reach; great for the hamstrings.
  3. Spread legs apart to form and upside down Y, then reach for and grab your ankle on one side then the other, good for hamstrings, groin, and lower back.
  4. If you have a small inclined surface or step, place the balls of your feet on it and then lean forward to stretch the calf muscles. Similarly, you can lean against a wall and keep feet flat against the floor. Great for calves, Achilles tendons.
  5. Cross one straightened arm across your upper chest, parallel to the floor, then grab that elbow with the other hand and pull towards your body. Great for the Deltoid Muscles/Shoulders.
  6. Grasp your hands behind your lower back like your getting arrested lol, and stretch. Great for the front of your shoulders, chest, and posture.
  7. Place one foot a few feet in front of the other and make a lunge motion so one knee is hitting the floor, and hold, then do the opposite. Great for thigh, hamstring, and groin.
  8. Standing straight, touch the sky with one hand while grabbing that wrist with your other hand, and bend to each side. Great for sides of the back muscles, arms, and obliques.
  9. Raise your right arm to the sky and bend at elbow so that palm of your hand is at the back of your head, then grab the elbow with your other hand and stretch towards the left. Reverse/Repeat. Your bicep should be close to your ear. Great for the triceps and sides of back.
  10. Place hands shoulder width apart, with extended arms in front of you and grab onto a counter top or railing then bend at the waist so your head is underneath your arms facing the floor. Great for the arms and chest.

cheetah in the wild stretching in the sunCONCLUSION

Overall, Stretching is an often the most neglected part of a Fitness Regime. Nevertheless, it is one of the most important because if you tear or pull a muscle, then your routine stops altogether.

Moreover, stretching has numerous benefits, from a stress reducer to gaining more flexibility. So let’s try to make this a staple each time we go to exercise. 5-10 minutes before your workout and 5-10 minutes after.

Of course, if you are sore try some of our CBD ingestibles or topicals for recovery. NOW GET TO IT SON!


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This is Part of Larger Series on Fitness, where we discuss The Big Three Fitness Areas. Cardio, Strength Training, and Stretching. 



Cardio is defined as Aerobic exercise that strengthens and stimulates the heart and lungs. Aerobic means With Oxygen.

The Main Goal with all Cardio exercises is to raise your heart and breathing rates for a sustained period of time. The Result of these exercises, over time, will improve your circulatory system throughout your body, as well as having a better and stronger heart and lungs.

In other words, we want to raise our Heart Rates up, which pumps our blood faster and in turn delivers more oxygen throughout the body. 


Not everything that raises your heart rate is a cardio exercise. Depending on your body conditioning, a walk around the block might do nothing to challenge your cardiovascular system, whereas in someone new to fitness it might initially do the job.

If you are a neophyte to fitness, a Grasshopper we like to call it (Kung Fu Show). Then pretty much any exercise that you start will have Cardio benefits. However, as you progress you will keep having to challenge yourself with more demanding programs to maintain effectiveness.

group of women doing exercsisesREMEMBER 

Don’t Forget your Heart and Diaphragm are muscles. Research tells us that if you stop exercising, after only about 2 weeks your body will start to lose muscle mass and strength. This sounds insane, but it’s the truth. 

For Example, you could have worked out everyday for 20 years, that’s 7,3000 Days! Now if you take a few weeks off because you fell ill, then you are losing muscle mass.

With Cardio this happens at a much faster rate. According to a 2012 study, athletes endurance decreased between 4-25% after a 3-4 week break. Further, grasshoppers may find their fitness is back to zero after taking a month off.

infographic showing types of outdoor and indoor cardio exercises


No Impact Training – Examples include Aquatics (Swimming, Water Aerobics), Rowing, Elliptical Machine, Biking, Cross Country Skiing.

These are great for getting your heart rate up while putting limited stress on your muscles, as well as incorporating your whole body.

Circuit Training – Great for any level of fitness. This is where you will move from one exercise to another with no rest in between. Exercises can be anything from push ups and sit ups to jumping rope and squats.

This is wonderful because you can always change your workout by simply adding new exercises and resistance levels and times, which will keep your cardio and muscles improving and growing. 

For Example, you can do 10-20 repetitions or 10-20 seconds per exercise. Jump rope, then push ups, then sit ups, then squats, take a 1-2 minute rest, then repeat for 3-5 cycles.

Steady/Low Intensity Training– Examples of this would be a long energetic walk or a stationary bike. You want to target a heart rate from 40-60% of your max heart rate.

Generally, your Max Heart Rate is calculated by subtracting your age from 220. If you are 40 years old, your max heart rate would be (220-40=180) 180 beats per minute.

Remember, Your Muscles Have a Memory.

After a few weeks doing the same exercises your Cardio and Muscles will hit a wall so to speak. Have you ever seen the same person at the gym for ten years and they look exactly the same? Or a marathon runner?

This is because these people are doing the same exact routine every week for years. Your body becomes accustomed to the strain of the same routine and exercises. That is why you always need to change it up!


  • Burn Calories
  • Sweat Out Toxins
  • Strengthening of Muscles, Lungs, and Heart
  • Releases Endorphins (Feel Good Brain Chemicals)
  • Helps Manage or Prevention of Diabetes, Heart Disease & High Blood Pressure
  • Better Night’s Sleep
  • Reduction in Arthritic Pain & Stiffness through Joint Movement
  • Increase in Energy
  • Decrease Premature Death
  • Reduce Stress, Anxiety, and Depression


When you start with Cardio you will want to incorporate three approaches when doing any of your selected exercises.

First, Warm Up. Take 5-10 minutes stretching your arms and legs. Then start slowly to wake up your system and gradually increase. For Example, if you are going for a run, do some stretching then start with walking for a few minutes to get everything moving and circulating, then start the run.

Second, Endurance/Conditioning. Ideally, you will want to build up to at least a half hour of a sustained higher heart rate to build up your aerobic capacity. Don’t kill yourself the first day, slowly increase your time a few times a week. Then try to work up to a daily regime.

Third, Cool Down. Take an additional 5-10 minutes like in the warm up to stretch or if you are running go back to walking so your heart rate can return to normal.

If you are new to Cardio, expect to be sore. You haven’t worked many of these muscles in years. You will be sore in places you didn’t know existed lol. Maybe of our customers use are CBD Deep Freeze for Recovery for this reason. In addition, with stretching and over time, the soreness will turn into a good soreness knowing you had a great workout.

It is normal to be huffing and puffing, and to feel fatigued, and thirsty, but still in control of yourself. However, if you feel an abnormal pain or faint then stop and seek medical attention.


Overall, this information should help you get started or resume the Cardio part of your Fitness regime. Always seek new Cardio routines and exercises so you don’t get bored, and to keep challenging yourself and growing.

Remember, the goal here is to raise our heart rates and to get more oxygen throughout our body for a stronger heart and stronger lungs. Start slow and build up. Also, consider using CBD products for recovery over acetaminophen or aspirin.



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