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Have you lost your will? Did HOPE leave long ago? Negative thoughts surround you like a warm blanket? Well join the club!

Many us have endured these troubling thoughts and pessimistic outlook on life at one time or another. Remember, you are not alone in your fight, millions suffer from this Mood Disorder. 

In this article, we are going to Discuss:

  • Depression Definition and Symptoms
  • Forms of Depression and Causes
  • How/If CBD Oil can Help
  • Why Hemp is so Good for You
  • Mental Health Tips to Cope
  • Other Resources

CBD and Depression, MD Organics CBD Wellness


Depression is a common mood disorder, and according to the World Health Organization affects approximately 250-300 million people globally. Depression does not discriminate, it can occur in both men and women, and in all ages and backgrounds.

This issues causes severe symptoms that affect how you think, how you feel, and how you handle day to day activities. It can affect your work, your sleep, your home life, and your eating. 

And let’s be honest for a minute, we know most statistics when it comes to personal issues that underreporting is common. We could likely double this global number. Add this to number to the victims of Anxiety, PTSD, Bipolarity, and the other Mental Health issues and we could have a number well over 25% of the World’s Population dealing with one Mental Health Issue or Another!

This is the Reality we live in. It’s not Unicorns, Rainbows and Lollipops!

For most of us life can be tough, so we need to have coping mechanisms that we all have to learn. These should be instituted at the elementary school level and be in the curriculum at every grade level. What is insane is we value a subject like Arithmetic or a Science, that 99% of the students will forget, over Mental Health. But I digress!

CBD and Depression, MD Organics CBD WellnessFORMS OF DEPRESSION

  • Postpartum Depression – Usually hormone related, this is the extreme anxiety, sadness, and fatigue that surfaces during pregnancy or after giving birth. Many can’t handle daily tasks for themselves or their newborn. 
  • Psychotic Depression – Appears when a sufferer has extreme depression along with some sort of psychosis, i.e. delusions or hallucinations.
  • Persistent Depressive Disorder – This is a depressed mood lasting for over two years. The sufferer may have deeper and lighter bouts with depression, but it remains over the long term.
  • Seasonal Depression – Or Seasonal Affective Disorder, This occurs when a sufferer experiences lack of sunlight during the winter months and it resides during the Spring and Summer. For many it recurs each year.
  • Bipolar Depression – Within the realm of Bipolar Disorder, the sufferer experiences the severe depression symptoms during the low mood swings.


  • SIDE EFFECTS – Of Certain Medications
  • GENETICS – Family History of it, you are more prone
  • NO LIFE – Few Friends or Family or Social Outlets
  • SUBSTANCE ABUSE – Drugs or Alcohol Addictions
  • LIFE EVENTS – Trauma/Loss; Living takes the Life out of You
  • POOR HEALTH – Various Health Conditions begets everything else
  • STRESS – Events, Work, or Family Related

CBD and Depression, MD Organics CBD Wellness


With Depression many sufferers use negative coping mechanisms such as binge-eating or not eating enough, drinking alcohol, opiates, or other drugs to leave their problems for awhile. Sadly, we know as time passes, the sober train will soon come back round again.

Furthermore, this behavior can ultimately lead to addictions over the long term, and for some even suicide. But try saying that to someone who is in the grips of depression, they could care less about that or most things for that matter.

So how do we get through?

Maybe CBD! Although the research is limited up to this point. Cannabidiol is gaining praise and recognition within the Mental Health arena, mainly because of its non-psychoactive effects and non-addictive qualities.

Also, because your body has the ability to adapt to CBD better than a synthetic medication. For many, they can feel the affects within minutes, as oppose to other remedies that could take 2-3 weeks for any noticeable result. In addition, it is less of a burden to filter through your Liver and Kidneys.

CBD and Depression, MD Organics CBD Wellness

More Importantly, CBD works with your Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Ever hear of it? Most haven’t. It is essentially a cell-signaling system.

The ECS is spread all throughout the body including the brain, and is responsible for all of your homeostasis functions – Appetite, sleep, mood, memory, temperature, etc.

As far as Depression is concern, most researchers believe that the CBD helps with Seratonin levels, the “feel good” chemical your body produces. As well as CBD can work indirectly within the whole of the ECS.

The CBD is allowing your body to function at optimal levels. It goes to reason that if your body is functioning properly that there is a chance your hormones and what causes your Depression will mitigate as well.

Further, Cannabidiol is well tolerated with little side effects in the majority of people, and generally a safe treatment since it is not an addicting product nor will it give you a “high”. 

Conversely, any anti-depressant drug is burdening your Liver, even an over the counter medication or aspirin puts a tremendous amount of stress on the Liver to filter these drugs. In addition, many deplete other vital nutrients in your body. It’s a short-sighted solution at best, and possibly more serious health issues over the long term.

If you think CBD could be an option for you then seek guidance from your Healthcare Professional. Do not stop any medications you are currently on and switch to CBD before speaking to your Doctor.

CBD and Depression, MD Organics CBD Wellness


The Hemp Plant is an amazing Nutrient-Rich member of the Cannabis Sativa Family. Unlike its distant cousin Marijuana. Hemp is bred for low THC levels, 0.3% or Less, so no worries about any psychoactive high like that from Weed.

In addition to all the Valuable Phytocannabinoids hemp contains, it also is jam-packed with many other valuable vitamins, minerals, terpenes, proteins, phytosterols, enzymes, essential sugars, polyphenols, antioxidants, flavonoids, and essential fatty acids. We said it was Amazing!

Hemp Contains:

  • Iron, Zinc, Carotene
  • Vitamins B1/B2/B6/D/E, Calcium, Magnesium
  • Sulfur, Copper, Potassium, Phosphorus
  • All 20 Amino Acids and Heart Healthy Omegas
  • Also, a Great Protein Source

So by using a Full or Broad Spectrum CBD Oil you are getting all these helpful nutrients along with the CBD. The Power of the Whole Plant!


  1. Reach Out to Someone – A loved one, family, friends, or Doctor
  2. Get Involved – For people suspecting someone they know is battling Depression; If they don’t care then care for them!
  3. Exercise – Any physical movement will release Endorphins and can help increase self-esteem
  4. Smile – Research suggests that just by manufacturing a smile increases the chemical reactions in the brain, including the release of Dopamine and Seratonin
  5. Be Positive – This is a hard one, but Shut off the TV, listen to uplifting music or a motivational speech
  6. Try a Plant-Based Diet – Eating a tortured then murdered soul has numerous health drawbacks; Build up your karma points!
  7. Journal – A great way to get down your thoughts and pain on paper; looking back will give you insight about yourself. “The unexamined Life is not Worth Living” -Socrates
  8. Support Groups – If financially able seek a therapist, if your broke find groups online via social media sites like Facebook
  9. Get Back to Basics – What did you like doing when you were a kid? When the world didn’t suck. Art? Books? Nature? Climbing a Tree? GO DO IT!
  10. One Day at a Time – Handle one day as it comes, yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not a promise, be present in the moment
  11. Volunteer – Take the attention off yourself. When you are a blessing to another person or animal then it will come back to you. Help someone with their problem and God will help you with yours.


Hopefully, this article has given some insight to the troubling issue of Depression. In my view, although common, is one of the hardest mental health issues to treat.

Simply, because one the main tenets of the meaning of life is to have HOPE in all things. When one loses this sense of “Hope“, it is hard to say snap out of it.

Further, if the sufferer is all alone it makes it that much more difficult to find the will to even begin to have hope again. This is where a friend, coworker, neighbor, whomever needs to lend an ear or say a few words of encouragement to the suspected sufferer.

Everyone has the power to build up or tear down another individual, especially when they are mentally vulnerable.

This is as much a guide for someone not affected by Depression as much as it is for the sufferer. Be aware of people in your life. One quick sympathetic question or compliment can make another person’s day.

Overall, the pie in the sky fantasy of life most of us were led to believe as a kid, just isn’t reality. And to be honest it kinda sucks. For many, they didn’t even have that. So it is what it is. And Yes it is depressing even for people not clinically “Depressed”.

But each day when you awake, remember this is the first day of the rest of your lives. We all have the power to change this world and it starts with empathy and caring for all living things. You can overcome this issue by following the “tips” above and if starting on CBD can lead to that change then go for it!


National Helpline

Better Help Online Counseling



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