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CBD Oil & Your Sex Life

While CBD is relatively new in the market and much more research is needed to be done in the Sex arena. We can talk about how Hemp CBD can impact one’s body, which in turn can lead to positive results in the bedroom.

For example, gasoline alone does not make a car run. You need a driver, an engine, wheels, etc. Similarly, CBD alone is not going to make you suddenly wake the neighbors from the bedroom. However, with a proper dosage plan, along with a better diet and some sort of exercise plan, CBD can help you and your body function work more efficient and at optimal levels, that includes a better libido, like when you were younger. Giggidy!

In this article, we will talk about CBD in the Bedroom, How CBD actually works (indirectly and directly), some examples and statistics, and lastly some concluding remarks and the Six Ways it can help in the Bedroom.

CBD and SEX, MD Organics CBD WellnessCBD and SEX, MD Organics CBD Wellness



CBD can work indirectly in the bedroom, and to a lesser degree directly. It’s really how you want to see it. For example, if you are struggling with anxiety, stress, or pain, the last thing on your mind is probably having sex.

So in this instance, CBD is working indirectly. If you are having no discomfort issues and not as stressed out and in a better mood, then naturally you are going to feel more secure as a man or woman and more likely to engage in intimate experiences.

CBD and SEX, MD Organics CBD Wellness

Similar to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. If you feel that your “basic needs” i.e. physiological and safety needs, are being met. Then you will typically move up the ladder to more intimate and loving needs.

On the other hand, CBD can work directly in the bedroom via personal lubricants, massage oils, or edibles.

Many couples use multiple forms of CBD to have a romantic night in. Whether it is a romantic bath for two, utilizing CBD bath bombs to unwind from a stressful day, followed by some CBD Beauty skincare topicals or CBD face masks to reinvigorate the spirit.

And/Or whether it is incorporating some CBD Oil with cooking for an amorous dinner for two, or a flavored CBD Oil mixed into a dessert. All these forms of foreplay will typically result in better lovemaking.

Whatever the Love plan is, they are all great for reducing stress, encouraging relaxation, and hence building intimacy with you and your significant other. More importantly, what makes this so beneficial, is that all of these nutrient-rich hemp products are actually great for your body and mind.


CBD and SEX, MD Organics CBD WellnessCBD Oil works within your Endocannabinoid System or ECS to help your body’s homeostasis functions work at optimal levels. The ECS is made up of primarily two receptors CB1 and CB2 and are responsible for numerous bodily functions such as pain, mood, sleep, and appetite. 

I.E. You have a fever and begin to sweat to cool down, that is your ECS at work.

These receptor sites are located all throughout your body including your reproductive organs. Further, CBD does not bind to these cells, but acts like a doorway, by activating or inhibiting other compounds and receptors. 

For Example, one customer mentioned that taking cbd for a bad back didn’t do much for his sex life and wasn’t even on the radar for that. However, when he added an herbal testosterone supplement to his daily regimen he soon saw the advantages.

As he had taken this supplement before, but did not notice the benefits until it was combined with CBD. So in this instance, CBD was waiting for something it could use that would be beneficial to the user. Now with CBD in his system, he once again started taking an herbal testosterone supplement and the change was noticeable.


CBD and SEX, MD Organics CBD WellnessCBD and SEX, MD Organics CBD Wellness

CBD and SEX, MD Organics CBD WellnessAccording to Remedy Review, out of 1,000 people surveyed, 68% of people said CBD improved their sex lives. Still, most people have not even thought of CBD regarding sex. In the same study 94% of people didn’t even think of trying CBD as an option regarding sexual health.

According to Webmd 43% of women and 31% of men have reported some sort of sexual dysfunction, and as we all know many will not discuss this issue, so it is likely the numbers are higher. Whether it started from physical or psychological issues, one tends to beget the other eventually.

CBD and SEX, MD Organics CBD WellnessCBD and SEX, MD Organics CBD Wellness

CBD and SEX, MD Organics CBD WellnessAnecdotal Example – One CBD user told us that he had an erectile dysfunction experience one night attributed to stress and muscle soreness. However, the consequence of that one night mentally and emotionally stayed with him for years afterward.

So the stress/soreness was the initial cause, but the mental and emotional result lasted for years, similar to PTSD. Further, when he started on a CBD regimen, which allowed him to regain his confidence and lowered his stress levels, while elevating his mood, he felt like he was back to his old self in and out of the bedroom.

Critics will say it was just in his head and maybe so (literally and figuratively), but if the results of CBD were positive than does it really matter if it was mental or physical?


  1. Sense of Calmness and Better Mood
  2. Dilating the Blood Vessels allowing an increase in oxygen and blood flow
  3. Reduce discomfort issues in women experiencing pms or menopause
  4. Reducing Performance Anxiety, especially in Men
  5. Giving your ECS Receptors the nutrients they need esp. in the reproductive organs to function at their optimal levels
  6. Increase blood flow and sensation to Key receptors in the female reproductive organs 

CBD and SEX, MD Organics CBD WellnessCBD and SEX, MD Organics CBD Wellness


To sum up, the use of CBD can help directly in the bedroom by allowing nutrient-rich phytocannabinoids to help your ECS in your reproductive organs, but much more research needs to be done in this area. However, we can say that many have experience better sex because of the indirect use of CBD products outside of the bedroom.

Moreover, by lowering discomfort issues, pms symptoms, stress, and elevating your mood and sense of calmness, one typically moves up the ladder to more intimate actions.

Remember, most things in life are related in and out of the bedroom. I.E. you feel better about yourself or you are not in pain, then one is more likely to be receptive to being intimate with their partner or self lol.

CBD and SEX, MD Organics CBD Wellness


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CBD and SEX, MD Organics CBD Wellness     CBD and SEX, MD Organics CBD Wellness     CBD and SEX, MD Organics CBD Wellness

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