REFLEXOLOGY GUIDE In this Article we will discuss what you need to know about Reflexology.  More importantly, the applications, benefits, and if CBD can help aid in this massage technique. Also, what to expect during a typical session, as well as more resources. WHAT IS REFLEXOLOGY? Reflexology dates back to approximately 4,000 years ago and…

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image showing cut wood laid in a pile

COMPLETE GUIDE TO DMSO In this article, we will discuss all about a substance found in wood called Dimethyl Sulfoxide or DMSO. People in the know swear by all the benefits of DMSO. So this tutorial will help you decide if you can benefit from the use of DMSO. We will discuss the potential benefits,…

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bitcoin over a 100 dollar bill

COMPLETE GUIDE TO BITCOIN In this article, we will be discussing the Amazing New Cryptocurrency called BITCOIN, that is shaking up the financial industry. We will explain how this new form of currency was created, how it works, important definitions, and how you can use it and/or benefit from investing in it. Further, we will…

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man with a chiropractor touching his shoulder

COMPLETE GUIDE TO CHIROPRACTIC This is the Final installment of our Series of Articles on Alternative Wellness Options. Be sure to read our other articles on General Wellness Options, Cryotherapy, and Massage. Main Article – Massage Article – Cryotherapy Article Chiropractic is defined as a system of complementary medicine based on the diagnosis and manipulative…

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woman getting a massage with cream

ULTIMATE GUIDE TO MASSAGE This is Part of Our Larger Series on Alternative Wellness Therapies, where we will be discussing Cryotherapy, Massage, and Chiropractic. Main Article – Cryotherapy Article Chiropractic Article Massage – is a Wellness therapy involving the manipulation (rubbing, kneading) of the body’s soft tissue. The general purpose for massage is to relieve…

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