CBD vs. Hemp

hemp leaf in bright green color

IS CBD OIL THE SAME AS HEMP OIL? We get this question a lot, and it can get complicated with so many shady companies in the CBD arena nowadays. These low quality Brands you see with 200,000+ units or mg on the bottle for $19.99, with Big and Bright one page websites with a ticking…

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man in black and white holding up hands with the words care less on each palm

PART OF OUR LARGER SERIES ON EMOTIONS SYMPATHY ARTICLE — EMPATHY ARTICLE Apathy! One of the Seven Deadly Sins? Yes, under “Sloth”. In many people’s eyes this is without a doubt the worst of all emotions a person can possess. This is true in most respects of our society. We envision humans possessing an altruistic…

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two brothers one with arm around the other watching a sunset showing sympathy

PART OF OUR LARGER SERIES ON EMOTIONS EMPATHY ARTICLE — APATHY ARTICLE Many people confuse the emotions of Sympathy vs. Empathy, which we discussed in our Empathy Article. However, we will discuss it a little more here since the two emotions are so closely related. We will also give some examples of these two emotional…

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dealing with empathy man holding glasses up so we can see through the lens

PART OF OUR LARGER SERIES ON EMOTIONS APATHY ARTICLE — SYMPATHY ARTICLE In this New World of immediate gratification and things needed to be done yesterday. With any urge or indulgence fulfilled at the click of a button. Sadly, Impatience, Apathy, and Ignorance is the new norm for much of the world. Judgmental behaviors and…

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New CBD Bill

raised fist in the air

NEW CONGRESSIONAL BILL WOULD LEGALIZE CBD IN DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS A New Congressional Bill introduced in the House of Representatives on September 4th, 2020 by Congressmen Kurt Schrader of Oregon and Morgan Giffith of Virginia is aimed at allowing CBD and other Hemp-Derived Products to be sold as dietary supplements in America. Schrader and Griffith both…

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