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MD Organics main objective was to create the Industry Leading and World’s Best Organic Hemp Extracted CBD Oil. No Exceptions!

Like in every industry, there are a lot of inferior CBD products out there. CBD, being largely unregulated thus far, gives way to many overnight companies trying to make a fast buck and then vanish. These companies are trying to capitalize off the groundbreaking discoveries being made with Hemp CBD. They get there oil (usually from Asia or Europe) for pennies on the dollar, and make a huge profit off the consumer. Their customer retention rates are poor if any.

At MD Organics, we knew a happy customer is a returning customer. Our President ran a successful rare book business for over 20 years and was proud to have an 84% customer retention rate. In simple terms, the majority who bought from him, returned to buy again. As President he knew if you produce and sell a great product, and are honest, people will return. It’s a win-win situation.

That’s why at MD Organics we left nothing to chance when cultivating are Line of CBD Products and that includes are Industry Best Eight-Step Extraction Process.

After intensive research, we partnered with the Largest Organic grower/manufacturer of Hemp in all of the U.S. from the fields of Colorado. Our partner makes the Organic Raw Hemp components found in all of MD Organics Products. Further, this partnership allows us access to some of the World’s foremost leading Chemists, Veterinarians, Scientists and Experts in the Hemp Industry. This undoubtedly provides MD Organics with the Purest and Highest Grade Hemp Extract in the Industry.

Our Step by Step GMP-Certified Hemp Extraction Process.

MD Organics Eight-Step Hemp Process for the Industry Leading Organic CBD Oil


Step 1: Organic Hemp Growing/Farming

All of MD Organics Hemp is grown in nutrient-dense U.S. organic rich Soil. The farmers use only strict 100% organic farming practices and protocols. This has a two-fold effect: First, this makes sure are products are safe and free of pesticides/herbicides, heavy metals, or chemicals. Second, the purity, stability and strength of our CBD Oil remains the same for entire Product Line.


Step 2: Organic Raw Hemp Handling/Processing

The Organic Hemp Plants are harvested, dried, and then stored. When plants are needed for our CBD Products the plants will simply be ground to a rough consistency. This milling of the Plant conforms to industry leading quality standards. Once this is done, it is shipped to our manufacturing facility to be processed in Colorado.


Step 3: Hemp Extraction and Separation of Solids

MD Organics uses an industry leading hemp purification and extraction process. This delicate process involves preserving all of the hemp’s healing flavonoids, terpenes, phytocannabinoids, and amino acids. This process also removes all of the unneeded components, like waxes, while the natural compounds are preserved.

This will also elicit the coveted “entourage effect” when using our CBD oils. Meaning, all of these components work better when together, than just cbd isolated on its own. By combining all of the valuable amino acids, terpenes, omega fatty acids, and flavonoids and other beneficial parts of the hemp plant, the user will receive the industry’s best full spectrum Organic hemp cbd oil, minus THC.


Step 4: Purification

Our Hemp CBD Oil is then distilled using food-grade ethanol extraction methods to separate the hemp extract. We are one of the few facilities to use this method, which is the safest way to harvest the oil and to preserve the subtle molecules. And you can tell in the high quality of our Final Products.


Step 5: THC Purification/Removal

Industrial Hemp in America must contain 0.3% or less of THC to be available for commercial use according to the 2018 Farm Bill. At MD Organics, we remove even the smallest amounts of THC. Feel free to view our Lab Results demonstrating this. While removing the small traces of THC, we also will remove any remaining waxes, pigments, and chlorophyll. Our hemp oil is then washed and double checked to make sure it is THC FREE.


Step 6: Independent Lab Testing/In House Quality Testing

Our in house and independent lab testing procedures are essential when making the purest cbd oil. We check for strength, quality, purity, and consistency. We make sure all the hemp plant components are accounted for. We do this for every production line and item at MD Organics. To confirm our in house results we have an independent third-party lab repeat the tests, only then will it be ready for sale.


Step 7: Nanoemulsion Process

Some of our products like our Softgels go through an additional step to give the consumer the ultimate in cbd oil bioavailability. What this does is break down the oil into nano-size droplets nanometers nm. The average user only retains about 10-30% of any supplement or vitamin when taken. Now with this advanced technology, the user increases that threshold. In simple terms, the smaller the particles the easier it will be to enter your bloodstream.

Our nano-size oil particles in some of our products are 25-60. Now compare that to the industry average for oils that are anywhere between 150-4000. Up to 200% smaller! This means better and effective absorption. Our softgels are at least two times more bioavailable than others in the market. More importantly, this means that you can use less and get the same benefits as if you were using more from a competitor.


Step 8: MD Organics Staff Testing

At MD Organics our entire staff, personally test each product, the oils, the lotions, and the softgels. It is all tested from our President down to our interns. We would only sell a superior quality product that we would and do use daily ourselves. No paid fake celebrity endorser here, we all love and use our products on a routine basis. We hope you will love them too.

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