CBD Sublingual Dosage Instructions, MD Organics CBD Wellness

CBD Sublingual Dosage Instructions, MD Organics CBD WellnessConfused About how much CBD to Take?

This is a quick dosage instruction manual to achieve optimal results. Moreover, MD Organics Pure Organic CBD Oil should work for most people since all Humans and Pets have an Endocannabinoid System (ECS). If someone doesn’t feel any benefits, it is usually a dosage issue. The Sublingual (under the tongue) method is one of the quickest transport methods available, as it is absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

1. First, a user must shake the bottle, fill up a dropper FULL (1mL.). Most of the droppers only suction half a mL., so you are only getting half the dose. Most users will have to fill it twice to get the full 1mL. dose. Basically, two applications for one dose.

2. After squirting the full 1 mL. under the tongue, the user should hold it for 30-60 seconds, you can then swish it around your mouth, then swallow and/or follow with a drink before swallowing. It’s that simple!

Everyone is different as far as dosage is concerned. Think of it like coffee, some people take a sip and feel it, while others can drink two cups and hardly notice it.


CBD Sublingual Dosage Instructions, MD Organics CBD Wellness RECOMMENDATIONS

We recommend for more serious or chronic issues to use our 1000mg or 1500mg bottles. These are 33.33mg and 50mg respectively per dose. Typically, our 250/500mg bottles are best for petite users or for immune support. However, a user can double dose the 250/500mg Tinctures to increase their strength.

We suggest taking a dose in the morning and night. Wait a few days, then if there is no alleviation in symptoms, simply add another dose sometime during the day, and so on. Keep doing this until the desired effect is received. Many users report that it takes about a week to get their correct dosage. Allow time for the beneficial nutrients to build up in the body, this will allow for optimal results.

The user can mix our CBD Tinctures, Topicals, Gummies, and Softgels. Just remember to keep count of how many milligrams you are using until you feel relief, then this is your dosage. I.E. One might take two doses of the 1000mg Tincture Bottle, and add two 20mg. gummies a day.

So their dosage would be 33mg+33mg+20mg+20mg=106mg a day.


All your Pets can receive the same benefits as we do. For Cats and Dogs you can simply squirt a dose in the mouth or rub on the gums. Many users will add it to their wet food or treats.

CBD Sublingual Dosage Instructions, MD Organics CBD Wellness NOTE

CBD Bottles list the Total Milligrams (MG.) of CBD in the bottle, unlike an aspirin bottle that shows the total MG’s per tablet. Most bottles will have 30 Servings, so one can divide the total mg. in the bottle by 30. For example, a 300mg bottle would be 10mg per dose; 10mg x 30 = 300mg.



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