Essential Oils, MD Organics CBD Wellness


Since we use some Organic Essential Oils in our CBD Tinctures and our CBD Topicals, we thought it would be a great idea to discuss all the benefits of using Essential Oils for Overall Wellness.

Essential Oils are great for a variety of reasons, not just for giving a subtle flavor to CBD Tinctures. Many non CBD users love Essential Oils for a myriad of Wellness Issues. They use these oils topically, via Aromatherapy, or internally. 

More Importantly, some of the plants can be used internally in small amounts, however, make sure you know what you are doing as some can be toxic if ingested in high concentrations.

Essential Oils, MD Organics CBD Wellness


Essential Oils are the highly concentrated compounds that are harvested when the plant undergoes an extraction process. The Resulting oil captures the plant’s “Essence” (Flavor) and Scent.

The uses are endless, from soaps to cosmetics, and from perfumes to food and drink flavorings. 

Most Essential Oils are diluted with a “Carrier Oil” like a Vegetable Oil or Seed Oil. This is to reduce the sensitivity of the Oil when used topically.

Further, this oil is more potent than dried herbs and flowers, up to 50-75% more powerful. In most cases, just a few drops is sufficient for whatever you are using them for.

Some Examples of Carrier Oils are Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Grapeseed Oil, and Olive Oil. A Carrier Oil is important because just the Essential Oil on its own will evaporate quickly when exposed to air. In addition, the carrier oil with allow for better absorption into the skin.

Essential Oils, MD Organics CBD Wellness


Extraction methods vary usually depending on what plant, fruit, or flower is being used. A few examples are..

Low Pressure Distillation – Most Popular Method, mostly used for flowers, leaves, stems, and seeds.

Expression – Mainly for Citrus Fruits, machines squeeze the rinds to produce the oil using a centrifugal force.

Enfleurage – Mainly used for delicate flowers, like Jasmine, Rose, and Violet. Uses a base oil like vegetable oil spread on a glass panel, raw materials are placed on glass and sit out in the sun until the base oil is infused/saturated with the essential oil. Then dissolved in alcohol, when the alcohol is evaporated, presto! An Essential Oil.

Essential Oils, MD Organics CBD Wellness


FOR SLEEP – Rose, Sandalwood, Chamomile, Cedar, Bergamot, Frankincense, Lavender, and Vetiver. 

BRAIN BOOST – Cedar, Grapefruit, Juniper, Rosemary, Pine, Peppermint, Basil, Vetiver. 

ANXIETY/STRESS – Vetiver, Clary Sage, Lavender, Marjoram, Orange, Chamomile, Lemon, Bergamot. 

ACNE/SKIN IRRITATIONS – Lavender, Oregano, Bergamot, Tea Tree Oil, Rosemary, Cedarwood, Lemon, Lemongrass.

ENERGY – Peppermint, Rosemary, Spearmint, Jasmine, Ginger, Eucalyptus, Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon, Black Pepper.

INFLAMMATION – Clove, Thyme, Bergamot, Rose, Eucalyptus, Spruce, Peppermint, Patchouli.

This is not an exhaustive list, however it is a good starting point of some of the more popular choices when starting with an Essential Oil regimen.

Essential Oils, MD Organics CBD Wellness


Most reputable CBD Brands will infuse Essential Oils into their CBD Oil. You will typically find flavorings of Lemon, Lime, Orange, and Peppermint oils in the “Under the Tongue” or Sublingual Tincture Oils. These are safe to use and only incorporate trace amounts of the essential oil along with a carrier oil.

When using these CBD Oils, a user will experience just a subtle aftertaste and scent of the Essential Oil. These are just an alternative to the Earthy taste of Natural CBD, that some users dislike.

Furthermore, Essential Oils infused with CBD Lotions and Creams are great because they are giving the user more potential benefits as mentioned above, than just with the CBD alone.


Hopefully, this will help you with incorporating Essential Oils into your daily lives. These oils are a great alternative for people opting for a cleaner and natural way of living for overall wellness.

If you are done with over the counter remedies filled with chemicals and synthetics, we hope you try what Mother Earth has provided us for thousands of years. 

Just remember, these highly concentrated oils are powerful. A few drops diluted will usually do the job. Further, always use a carrier oil to dilute the concentration. For topical use, test on a small area of the skin in case of an allergic reaction.

More Importantly, do your research if you want to try Essential Oils for whatever issue your are experiencing. It’s never a bad idea to learn as much as you can, especially when using something for wellness.


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