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This is Part of Larger Series on Exercise and Fitness. We will cover the Topics of Cardio, Muscle Strengthening, and Stretching.



In Addition, we will share tips and options for you to choose from, in constructing a workout regime, as well as nutrition options and motivational encouragement.


We all know that Exercise is Vital to living a high quality of life, which enables us to live healthier, limit sickness, and live longer. However, we also need to incorporate Better Eating and Drinking Habits, Supplement Use, and Restorative Sleep.

Everything in life is connected and Exercise is no different. Many people have made a deal with the devil so to speak and tell themselves, “If I go for a walk then I can eat that cake” or “If I go to the gym I can go get take out”. These people think by doing one thing positive it will cancel out the bad thing that is to come. Your body doesn’t work that way.

Yes, any exercise is great but if you are following it with a Big Mac, then it really is defeating the purpose. These people will not last with a Fitness regime and months or years later they will be right back to where they were. In the drive thru lane honk honk lol!

Fitness, MD Organics CBD Wellness


First things First. Like Nike Says Just Do It! In General, many us get stuck in the planning phases, a mental workout if you will, but neglect the body. True, it’s great to plan and think of what you are going to do, but limit this.


Just get out of your four wall prison and get moving! It does not matter what you do when you begin. Just do something. Get your blood circulating, get your heartbeat elevated, and start to sweat. 

So many times people get boggled down with steps and procedures and techniques and bluey and blah all the time. Of course this matters if you are training for the Olympics, but most of us aren’t.

So just get up off the couch and move. When you start to move you will release your feel good hormones, you will sleep better, and you will gain more energy after the initial soreness goes away. 

In time, eating better will come, looking better physically will come, and all the other positives that result in being fit.

Fitness, MD Organics CBD Wellness


You were born alone and you will die alone (too morbid? lol). Meaning, Run your own Race. There is always someone faster, in better shape, better looking, better body, and on and on. Remember, you are only competing against yourself. Set your own goals little by little and when you achieve them celebrate these small victories.

This doesn’t mean if you walk around the block, celebrate with Chinese Food. It means something small. Take a CBD Bubble Bath, have a glass of Wine, or a small gift, whatever small indulgences you enjoy from time to time.

The difference is now make a pact with yourself that these indulgences should only be when a goal is achieved. Instead of when you are depressed or bored. Then move on to the next goal.


Journals are great for a variety of reasons. For Better Mental Health to reducing Anxiety. Keep a record of your goals and fitness plans. It is beneficial when you can look back and read it with your own eyes.

Further, it will also keep you focused and on track. Make sure it is in a place where you can see it everyday as a reminder.

Fitness, MD Organics CBD Wellness


In starting to get fit you will need to incorporate exercises that involves working your Cardiovascular System, Strengthening your Muscles and Bones, and Stretching.

You do not need to do these all in one day, but you should be adding different types of workouts throughout the weeks and months. This is important because it will not only target the three aforementioned aspects for better health, but it will also keep you from getting bored and your body will continue to change.

  • CARDIO – Essential for a Good Respiratory System, Stronger Heart and Lower Blood Pressure.
  • STRETCHING – Flexibility, Injury Prevention, and Promotes Blood Circulation.
  • STRENGTH TRAINING – Increase Lean Body Mass, Burn Calories, and Develop Stronger Bones.

We will go into greater detail in subsequent articles on each of these three aspects of working out.


Try our New Way of Thinking. Start with viewing Fitness and Nutrition like time on your Life Clock. For Example, that Big Mac you just ate, subtract 4 hours from your life. That Organic Salad you just ate, add 4 hours to your life.

The same with Fitness, each day you don’t work out, subtract a day off your life. Each day you do, add a day. When you view Fitness and Nutrition like this it will help motivate you to keep on track, to live longer and a better quality of life.

Like Mom said, shut off your phone or computer or television and go outside!

Fitness, MD Organics CBD Wellness


Overall, we all need to start somewhere. Whether you have been on the couch for 40 years and smoke and drink, or you have been a casual social workout princess and need to take it to the next level. We are all at different fitness levels.


Excuses are like Butts, everyone has one. So let’s stop with the excuses and make getting fit a priority. Carve out time each day for something physical. Even if it is only ten minutes it is better than nothing. 

Our lives are like Mist in the Wind. We sleep a Third of the Time and if you factor in before and after bed when we are zombies, we are only alert and conscious for about 7 months out of the year. This is why so many people wonder where the time has gone.

This relates to every aspect of life including fitness. By starting now and just doing something each day, the days will fly by and before you know it you will be months into the new you!


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