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How to Make a CBD Tincture Oil

Research suggests that CBD oil can help to improve your overall health and wellness. While hemp CBD is different for everyone that uses it, it should be noted that the benefits can be extraordinary.

CBD Tincture Oil Definition

Many people are unsure of what hemp oil is. This is a concentrated extract of cannabis. The extract is generally derived from the entire plant. To date there are approximately 121 cannabinoids discovered thus far from the Hemp plant. CBD, being the most studied and beneficial. There are also, healthy fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, and terpenes that are also of a health benefit to the user.

After the hemp oil is made, even a couple of drops of it can be beneficial. It can be put under  the tongue, in foods, or in drinks. However, it should be noted that hemp CBD that is placed under the tongue will get directly into the user’s bloodstream much quicker and is one of the best transport methods available.

Lastly, it should be noted that CBD oil contains more CBD (roughly 80-90%) than it does THC (0.03%). However, there are many different hemp CBD products that range in CBD to THC ratios, so be cautious. At MD Organics we filter out even the small 0.03% THC, so all our products are 100% THC FREE. The following recipe can be used with different strains of the Cannabis plant.

Making CBD Tincture Oil

If you want to control the quality of your hemp oil, you can make some yourself. If this is the route that you want to take, you will need some ingredients to start, which include:

  • ⅛ of an ounce of a higher strain of CBD
  • 2 ounces of the pure-grain 190 proof alcohol (rubbing alcohol should not be used)
  • 1 large mason jar
  • 1 or 2 regular coffee filters
  • An eyedropper that you can measure with

Once you have all the ingredients that you need, you can get started in making the hemp oil.

Steps to Take in Making CBD Oil

The first thing that you need to do when making CBD tincture oil is to decarboxylate the grounded cannabis flower. Doing this is going to make the hemp CBD oil more effective. The process is quite slow, however, it can be sped up with the use of an oven. During the decarboxylating process, THCA is converted into THC.

It should be noted that lower and slower is better. You should heat up the cannabis for a minimum of 30 minutes to 1 hour. The heat of your oven should be 175 to 225 degrees Fahrenheit. However, these numbers vary depending on the type of cannabis flower that is being used. Once this is done, you will want to use a food processor or grinder to break down the cannabis even further.

Before you mix the cannabis with the infused oil, you should heat up the oil at a low temperature. Once you have the oil to the preferred temperature, you will mix in the decarboxylated cannabis. You are going to mix the olive oil, coconut oil, alcohol, or butter and cannabis into your mason jar. You will let this sit out for three weeks. It is essential that you shake up your mason jar one to two times every day.

Lastly, you will need your coffee filter to take out any leftover plant matter out of the liquid that was created.

Another Option

You should know that you can make CBD tincture oil without decarboxylating the cannabis. You can use raw cannabis. However, this is going to take more time and extra patience. The extra time is needed to maximize the potency of the finished product.

The reason for going this route is to maximize the number of terpenes and cannabinoids left in the hemp oil when finished. Retained terpenes are helpful in increasing the overall effectiveness of the finished CBD tincture oil.

Different Recipes

There are millions of CBD oil recipes that you could be making. The recipe that you use will depend on how much hemp oil you want to make, how effective you need it to be, and how long you have to make the hemp CBD oil.

With all this being said, one general guideline is to use 1 cup of grounded and decarboxylated cannabis and 1 cup of coconut oil, olive oil, butter, or alcohol. Depending on what needs you have, you might want to use a higher cannabis to oil ratio.

When you have your infusion ready to go, you can use it in many ways. Some of the ways you can use hemp oil are in brownies, gel capsules, gummies, drops under your tongue (most effective), food recipes, creams, drinks, roll-on, and more. In fact, any recipes that require oil or butter, you can use the CBD tincture oil instead.

Make CBD Tincture Oil Today

Now that you have a better idea of what CBD oil can be used for and you know how to make it, you can get started using it to improve your overall health and wellness. If you know others who might benefit from using hemp CBD oil, you can make it and share it with them, too.

There are plenty of things you could do with finished CBD tincture oil. Use the process above to start making some CBD oil for yourself today.

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