How to Use a CBD Sublingual Tincture Oil, MD Organics CBD Wellness

Confused about what a Sublingual CBD Tincture Oil is and how to use this form of CBD?

Are you ready to try CBD, but do not know what the best method is or confused with how to take CBD? In this article we will discuss what CBD is and what transport methods are available. More specifically, how one uses a CBD sublingual tincture or “Under the Tongue” method of delivery.


Hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD), a non-intoxicating compound of cannabis, and is now legal thanks to the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill. Dozens of companies are selling CBD products and shipping not only to all 50 states, but to countries around the globe. These products come from industrial hemp and contain minimal THC (0.3%), and thus produce no psycho-activity. At MD Organics we even filter out the tiny amount of THC. Viewable Independent Lab Results are available here.

As CBD interacts with the body’s Endocannabinoid system, it has the potential to help with many issues for overall health and wellness.  Some Issues for the use of CBD involve mental processes, physical processes, sleep, and mood.

How to Use a CBD Sublingual Tincture Oil, MD Organics CBD Wellness METHODS OF CBD DELIVERY

There are a few others, but the Four most common ways you can take CBD are listed here in order from fastest to slowest absorption rates.

  • Vaping/Inhalation: Vaping allows the CBD to enter the bloodstream directly from the lungs. The onset is immediate, lasting anywhere from 2-4 hours. This is the fastest transport method.
  • Sublingual/Under the Tongue: CBD Sublingual Tinctures is when you apply the cbd oil under the tongue. Typically by placing one dropper full or 1mL. under the tongue and holding the oil for around 30-60 seconds then swallowing. This way the CBD enters the bloodstream through the capillaries without having to be broken down in the stomach first. The onset is usually 15-60 minutes, lasting anywhere from 4-6 hours.
  • Ingestion: Taking CBD in a softgel or pill form. By swallowing the oil it is passed through the digestive system and metabolizes in the liver. The absorption rate is slower and the onset is usually 30 minutes to a few hours, lasting anywhere from 6-8 hours. At MD Organics we utilize a Water Soluble Nanoemulsion Technology, which breaks the CBD Oil down into microscopic droplets, so small the human eye cannot detect. By doing this the absorption rate is up to 200 times than that of a standard oil. If the CBD does not incorporate this technology than the times above would apply. CBD having this technology can cut the rates down to that of the sublingual Tincture method.
  • Topicals: Salves, creams, gels, and lotions are specifically designed for targeting issues of the muscles, joints, and the skin. Only a local effect is felt and it does not enter the bloodstream. The CBD instead interacts with the peripheral nervous system. The onset is usually 10-20 minutes, lasting 2-4 hours typically.

How to Use a CBD Sublingual Tincture Oil, MD Organics CBD Wellness CBD SUBLINGUAL TINCTURE

A CBD oil tincture is one of the most popular methods of consuming Cannabidiol, particularly among first-time users. CBD tinctures come in many different flavors and potencies. Typically, CBD tinctures range from 250mg to 1500mg bottles. Now the mg. amount on the bottle is the total mg. in the bottle. Unlike aspirin for example which states 500mg on the bottle. I.E. 500mg is the per dose amount for each aspirin. In contrast, CBD a 500mg bottle would be 16.66mg per dose with 30 doses.

While the terms Hemp Oil, CBD Oil, CBD Drops, Hemp Extract, and CBD Tinctures may be used interchangeably. There is really no difference between a CBD oil or Hemp Oil or a Tincture, but the term CBD Oil can be broader in terms of its application for use. For instance, there are CBD oils made specifically for vaping. In the same respect Hemp Oil can be hempseed oil containing no CBD. More importantly, a few basic points need to be checked off the list when deciding what brand to use.

  • Needs to be U.S. Grown Organic Hemp. Hemp acts like a sponge, everything that is in the ground will be soaked up into the Hemp Plant, including pollutants, heavy metals, toxins, etc.
  • Needs to be Third-Party Lab Certified. These results should be readily viewable on the Company’s website.
  • Read the Label. There should be references to CBD on the company’s website or in the description and/or mentioned on the ingredients portion of the label. We use “Hemp Extract” on all MD Organics labels, which is the same as CBD. It is just easier for commerce in this new era and climate of the CBD business.

How to Use a CBD Sublingual Tincture Oil, MD Organics CBD Wellness CBD DOSAGE

If someone doesn’t feel any benefits of CBD, it is usually a dosage issue.  For Example, the Sublingual Tincture transport method, some people have been reported to use a single drop. While others use half a dose, and others don’t squirt it under their tongue.  These people wonder why the CBD isn’t working.  It’s not the CBD, it’s the confusion about the application and dosage.

  1. First, a user must shake the bottle, fill up a dropper FULL (1mL.). Many of the droppers only suction half a mL., so you are only getting half the dose. Most users will have to fill it twice to get the full 1mL. dose. Basically, you have to use two applications for one dose.
  2. Next step, after squirting the full 1 mL. under the tongue, the user should hold it for 30-60 seconds. Then you can either swish it around your mouth to hit any other capillaries, and/or just swallow. Some users follow with a drink before or after swallowing. Using this transport method, the CBD will move directly into the bloodstream, while not having to wait to be broken down in the stomach. It’s that simple!

Everyone is different as far as dosage is concerned. Think of it like coffee, some people take a sip of coffee and feel the caffeine and are immediately jolted and awake, while others can drink two cups and hardly notice it.  We recommend for more serious issues to use our 1000mg or 1500mg bottles. These are 33.33mg and 50mg respectively per dose. Typically, the bottles under 1000mg are best for petite users or for immune support. However, you can double dose our 250mg and 500mg Tinctures to increase their potency.

We suggest taking a dose in the morning and at night. Wait a few days, then if there is no alleviation in symptoms, simply add another dose sometime during the day, and so on. Keep doing this until the desired effect is received.  Many users report that it takes about a week or two to get their correct dosage. Allow time for the beneficial nutrients to build up in the body, this allows for optimal results.

The user can mix our CBD Tinctures, Softgels, Gummies, and Topicals. Just remember to keep count of how many milligrams you are using until you feel relief, then this is your dosage. For example, One might take two doses of the 1000mg Tincture Bottle, which is 33mg and 33mg per serving. They might take two gummies a day, these are 10mg each. So their dosage would be 33mg+33mg+10mg+10mg=86mg a day.

When the correct dosage is attained, many users will feel the benefits in as little as a few minutes using the Sublingual Tincture Method.

How to Use a CBD Sublingual Tincture Oil, MD Organics CBD Wellness  CBD FOR PETS

All your Pets have the same Endocannabinoid System (ECS) that we do, and can receive the same benefits. For Cats and Dogs, you can simply squirt a dose in the mouth or rub on the gums. Many users will add it to their wet food or treats.


We’ve had many people after their first dosage feel an improvement.  We’ve also had many people that took a few weeks to feel an improvement.  Essentially, it depends on weight, age, and symptoms.  We recommend tempering your expectations of a cure-all fix like many companies will promote.  They will lead you to believe that one drop with have you walking on water!  At MD Organics, we understand this deception and advise our customers with honesty and the facts. Read More Here!


How to Use a CBD Sublingual Tincture Oil, MD Organics CBD WellnessSHOP NOWHow to Use a CBD Sublingual Tincture Oil, MD Organics CBD Wellness

How to Use a CBD Sublingual Tincture Oil, MD Organics CBD WellnessHow to Use a CBD Sublingual Tincture Oil, MD Organics CBD WellnessHow to Use a CBD Sublingual Tincture Oil, MD Organics CBD WellnessHow to Use a CBD Sublingual Tincture Oil, MD Organics CBD Wellness



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