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A New Congressional Bill introduced in the House of Representatives on September 4th, 2020 by Congressmen Kurt Schrader of Oregon and Morgan Giffith of Virginia is aimed at allowing CBD and other Hemp-Derived Products to be sold as dietary supplements in America.

Schrader and Griffith both sit on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, which has jurisdiction over the Food and Drug Administration.

H.R.8179 – Hemp and Hemp-Derived CBD

Consumer Protection and Market Stabilization Act of 2020

This bipartisan piece of legislation is the most recent in an effort to satisfy the growing demand for CBD products under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act as a dietary ingredient in a dietary supplement.

Further, it would mandate that Cannabidiol (CBD) extracted from Hemp and any other ingredient from the Hemp plant shall be lawful throughout the United States.

Manufacturers would need to adhere and comply with the new dietary ingredient requirements set forth by the FDA. In addition to the current federal law pertaining to dietary supplements.

By meeting the aforementioned provisional requirements, hemp-derived Cannabidiol would be lawful for use in dietary supplements starting 90 days after the legislation takes effect. 

New CBD Bill, MD Organics CBD WellnessPOTENTIAL

This new piece of legislation would hopefully clear a path for marketers and brands of hemp extracted CBD products to start marketing and selling on popular internet sites like ebay, google and amazon.

Most industry insiders believe that because there has been no clear legislation on Hemp-Derived CBD products put in place thus far, is the main reason why these Ecommerce channels have refused to open up their marketplaces to CBD. 
New CBD Bill, MD Organics CBD Wellness
Many leading Dietary Groups applaud the New Bill in hopes of passage. The AHPA, CHPA, CRN, and UNPA said in a statement that it will finally provide overdue clarity in the CBD Market, as the demand for Hemp-extracted products continues to grow.
(American Herbal Products Ass., Consumer Healthcare Products Association, Council for Responsible Nutrition, United Natural Products Alliance.)
General counsel to the U.S. Hemp Roundtable, which is a coalition of Hemp Companies, Businesses, and Organizations, said in a press release.

“Enabling CBD to be lawfully marketed as dietary supplements and mandating that manufacturers comply with the entire existing regulatory framework for dietary supplements, would create immense confidence in hemp and CBD products, and would provide great opportunity for hemp farmers across the nation.”

Representative Griffith said in an email statement that:

“Hemp was historically an important crop for Virginia farmers, and dietary supplements made from it do not possess dangerous addictive qualities. Nevertheless, the current state of regulation creates confusion about its legal uses. I joined this bipartisan bill to provide certainty for hemp farmers that their crop may find legal uses.”

New CBD Bill, MD Organics CBD WellnessRECENT HISTORY

As of today, it has been over 16 months since the FDA held a public meeting on cannabis-derived compounds, mainly devoted to Hemp Cannabidiol. So far nothing has been accomplished.

This idleness has the Hemp industries growing impatient with the lack of a national regulatory framework, while the FDA continues to explore whether to issue CBD Regulations to the Market as a whole.

Vice President of Government Relations for CRN, Julia Gustafson said in a statement:

“Over one year has passed since FDA held its public meeting to better understand hemp-derived substances, and almost two years have passed since the Farm Bill was enacted, legalizing hemp-derived CBD.” 

“During this time, the agency has taken no action to legalize this ingredient, facilitating an unregulated marketplace. The CRN urges Congress to pass this critical legislation and open the marketplace to CBD dietary supplements, providing FDA enforcement authority over the category to assure consumers have access to safe and beneficial products to support their health and wellness.”

New CBD Bill, MD Organics CBD WellnessCRITICISM

A Physician from Massachusetts and Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School, Pieter Cohen has expressed doubts that the CBD legislation would even protect consumers.

His research has been published in the mainstream media and peer-reviewed journals regarding the potential of hazardous substances in dietary supplements. In a statement he noted:

“Because the FDA is not aggressively ensuring compliance with the law for dietary supplements, practically anything can be introduced into the market, including CBD products as a supplement. We need a functioning regulatory framework in place, so that would require reform of DSHEA, combined with the FDA enforcing DSHEA or the reform to DSHEA. Without those two things in place, the market’s going to remain confusing and potentially hazardous for consumers.”

In our opinion, as far as the CBD Industry goes, any news is good news. We all knows the wheels of legislation roll at a snail’s pace, but at least it is getting talked about.

Hopefully, as time passes there will be a concrete set of guidelines put forth. Hopefully, this will help eliminate the imported and cheap CBD products that you see all over the place. As these Countries has even less regulations regarding Hemp cultivation and extraction methods.

Remember, in the end you only get what you pay for. If you see a product with some astronomical “milligram” or “unit” amount on the label for $19.99. Just stay away!
Read more on what to look for when choosing a Quality CBD Product on Our Buyer’s Guide Page.


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