Immune Boost (60 Count)


  • (No CBD) 60 Capsules, 30-Day Supply
  • 200% Daily Value Vitamin C, 100% Daily Value Zinc
  • Herbal Complex- Garlic, Echinacea, and Elderberry
  • All Natural, Non GMO, Gluten Free, and Made in the U.S.A.
  • Great for Maintaining or Improving your Immune System

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Why MD Organics Immune Boost?

We thought in these tough times dealing with Covid, that we should have a supplement that was specifically designed for Immune Support. And that is what we did. 

Introducing our First “Non-CBD” Immune Boost Supplement.

With 200% of your Daily Value in Vitamin C and 100% your Daily Value in Zinc, our Immune Boost Herbal Complex was designed for optimal immune functioning. More importantly, each ingredient was added for maintaining Immune Health.

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  • VITAMIN C: Immune boosting capabilities and a powerful antioxidant, while also enhancing brain function. A study found that of 16,000 Americans, 33% of them are deficient in Vitamin C. That’s 1 in 3 People!
  • ZINC: Vital mineral and present in every cell. Essential for immune function and cell growth.
  • ELDERBERRY: All Natural Nutrient-Rich Elderberry Fruit Extract. This amazing ingredient is high in Vitamin C, and Antioxidants.
  • GARLIC: Garlic Bulb Extract is known for its anti-viral and anti-bacteria effects.
  • ECHINACEA: This Extract has over 14 clinical trials supporting good health all year long, while also promoting immune cell health. 

Add all these Potent and Natural ingredients together and you got yourself one Powerhouse of a Supplement for continued Immune Support.

Take 2 Capsules daily for maintaining a Strong Immune System. One Month Supply.

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  • Ingredients

    Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Zing (Zinc Citrate), Elderberry Fruit Extract, Garlic Bulb Extract, Echinacea Purpurea Plant Extract, Gelatin (Capsule), Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate.

  • Servings

    30 servings per bottle. 60 Capsules total.

    Usage instructions: 2 capsules per day.

  • Product Life
    Product Life

    18-Month Shelf Stable

  • CBD Amount
    CBD Amount

    This Supplement contains No CBD.

  • Key Benefits
    Key Benefits
    • Manufactured in U.S.A.
    • All-Natural
    • Immune Support
    • FDA Approved Facility