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CBD Oil & Senior Citizens

(We advise to speak with your Primary Healthcare Professional before using CBD Oil)

According to a Gallup Poll 1 in 5 Americans over the age of 50 uses some sort of CBD Product, and this is growing. However, being largely a self-regulated industry thus far, we want to discuss what issues Seniors face with taking CBD.

More Importantly, In this Article we will discuss how a daily regimen of CBD can help for a better quality of life for senior citizens. Also, What Seniors need to be aware of when taking CBD Oil; i.e. the benefits and side effects of CBD. Also, what the top four things to look for when choosing a reputable CBD Brand. As well as other pertinent information regarding all things CBD.


250mg mint hemp oilCBD is short for Cannabidiol. This is the name for one component that is extracted from the Hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa) when it is processed. These are called Cannabinoids, and to date there are approximately 113 Cannabinoids that have been identified in the Hemp Plant; THC is another well-known Cannabinoid, this is what gives the user a “high” like that in marijuana.

In Contrast, Hemp plants are bred for low THC levels. For industrial Hemp use, and for it to be legal in America, Hemp CBD has to contain 0.3% or less of THC. So all hemp extracted cbd oil will not give you a “high”. Moreover, reputable brands will strain out even this tiny amount of THC to make all of their products completely THC Free. So no need to worry about some mind-altering substance going into your body.


Thus far, CBD is unregulated by the FDA, and because of this there is a lot of counterfeit brands out there. These companies will import their oil from China or Russia, usually through  These Companies even have less regulations in making their CBD Oil so who knows what you are getting. Moreover, this form of CBD is usually not organic nor do they have any independent lab tests. These are awful companies just trying to make a fast buck, while making outrageous claims.

Further, the costs involve with organic farming methods and independent lab testing make it near impossible to have such cheap oil. Numerous independent testing of brands have been done around America, and many times there was no cbd to even be found in the product!

The Top Four Things to Look For

  • Made in the U.S.A. & Organic Hemp. Hemp acts like a sponge, it will soak up everything in the ground water and soil. If it isn’t organic then all these metals and pesticides are going into you.
  • Independent Lab Results. These Lab Results should be easily attainable and viewable on any reputable CBD Companies website. These will show what is and what isn’t in the Oil.
  • What is on the Label. Make sure it says “CBD” or “Hemp Extract”. Most companies will use “Hemp Extract” to be able to sell online and for advertising purposes. If it says anything else like “Hempseed” it most likely does not contain any CBD. The seeds of the Hemp plant have vitamins and omegas, which are good for you, but no CBD.
  • Price Point. To a slightly lesser degree, but still important. For example, If you see on Amazon a 300,000 Unit or MG bottle for $19.99 it is from China or Russia. Stay Away! These Companies outright lie. These brands will put large numbers on their bottles to entice the consumer, but they mean absolutely nothing. Furthermore, they will lie about being made in America.

Typical figures range from $30.00 to $200.00 for 250mg to 2000mg bottles of CBD that is U.S. Organically Farmed and Lab Certified. Remember, you only get what you pay for.

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Today, our bodies are inundated with air pollution, outside and inside. GMO and processed food, bad tap water, chemicals we use to clean our homes and ourselves, antibiotics and synthetic drugs, and the list goes on and on.

Subsequently, over time, these all wreak havoc on our internal organs. Your liver and kidneys have to work overtime to cleanse all these pollutants from your body. 

As we age this “cleansing” becomes harder and harder to do. All these contaminants leave behind trace amounts of toxins and pollutants, until one day your body gets to a tipping point and starts to break down and a terminal issue arises.

This is where CBD comes in. By working with your Endocannabinoid System ECS, which all mammals have (you and mr. marbles). CBD helps to awaken or re-activate your ECS to perform all of it’s homeostasis functions as it once did when you were younger. 

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  • Discomfort Issues                                                  
  • Bone/Mood Wellness
  • Soothing Effects/Energy Promotion
  • Sleep/Mood Issues
  • Natural Alternative to Synthetic Meds
  • Appetite Stimulation


  • Can affect the metabolism of a certain class of statins/drugs (always consult with your Dr. prior to using CBD)
  • Too much at one time can cause drowsiness (always best to start small and build up)
  • Side Effects using CBD are rare, and for the overwhelming majority of users they will have none. However, some anecdotal reports have been a drop in blood pressure for a short time after ingesting cbd, dry mouth, and nausea. It is not known if these people were on other drugs or had underlying conditions.


If you are reading this then you are still alive! That is the good part, it is never too late to change. With CBD you are not only getting all the valuable cannabinoids, but many don’t know that the Hemp plant is full of vitamins and minerals, amino acids, and heart healthy omegas.  

Remember, everything in life is related, when one gets on a CBD regimen for wellness, they tend to start looking at other neglected areas of their lives, i.e. exercise, eating habits, spirituality.

For Example, most people who start exercising typically do not finish a workout then go to a fast food restaurant. More often, they will have a protein shake or eat a salad or some other sensible meal. The same goes for starting on a CBD regimen.

Once you start with CBD it hopefully will kick start some other areas of life you have neglected, and as the days go by you will slowly transform yourself back to the best version of you!

We advise to get on some sort of exercise plan. Try to eat organically as much as possible, and replace meat and dairy with a plant-based diet. More importantly, by adding an Organic Full Spectrum CBD oil with all of its valuable nutrients, one will be on their way back to overall health and wellness.


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