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This is Part of Our Larger Series on Fitness where we cover the Big Three. Cardio, Strength Training, and Stretching. Be sure to check out our other articles so you are getting the best tips for your daily workout regimen.



This is our last installment of our Fitness Articles covering the BIG THREE areas of getting in shape. These all are important in providing your body with a full and complete workout.

Forsaking one will only increase the chances

of getting injured and/or limiting changes physically and mentally.

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There are numerous workouts you can incorporate with these products on a daily or weekly basis. These are just a few.

  • Dumbbells (Free Weights) – Start light and build up over time. Focus on proper technique instead of how much weight you are using. A common mistake for many people.
  • Kettlebells – U shaped handle with round weight at the bottom. Great for swinging, lifting, and squatting.
  • Barbells – Long straight steel bars or with v shaped handles on the bar. These you can add weight or they come with a set weight attached to the bar.
  • Machines – These are the machines that you can adjust the weight and seat, but the motion of the machine stays the same.
  • Resistance Bands – thin, long, and tubular colored rubber bands. Great for strengthening the smaller muscles and ligaments/tendons that the options above do not address. Many use these bands for rehabilitation from an injury.
  • Body Weight Exercises – Chin Ups, Pull Ups, Sit Ups, etc. Any resistance where the only weight you are using is your own.

We suggest to incorporate all of these in your weekly fitness routine. This will insure that you are giving attention to every muscle in your body. There are about 640 Muscles in your body, so doing the same five exercises every week isn’t going to address them all. Keep the Body Guessing!

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Cross training is a whole body workout incorporating aerobic, flexibility, and weight training. You can do these all in one workout or switch up days to focus on one of the three. For example,

  • Monday you do Yoga
  • Tuesday you go to the gym and work out with weights
  • Wednesday you go swimming
  • Thursday take an Aerobics Class
  • Friday you go for a Run

This routine is great if you are experienced in fitness and have hit a plateau or wall. A Plateau or Wall is when you are not seeing any more changes physically or cannot lift any heavier weight.

Moreover, it is beneficial because it is confusing your muscles, as well as giving attention to weaker muscles and joints that might not be utilized as much, as in your regular workouts.

In Addition, these routines are wonderful because there are a million possibilities of weekly workouts so you will never get bored.

As mentioned in our other articles, your muscles have a memory. After only a few weeks of doing the same strength training exercises your muscles know what is coming. 

This is why you see the same people who look exactly the same and have been working out for ten years. So you constantly have to keep your muscles and body guessing.

  • Increase/Decrease Weight for each Exercise.
  • Do more/less Repetitions.
  • Do more/less Sets.
  • Switch up Rest times in between Sets or Exercises
  • Switch up Routines and Times of Workouts

As with an New Fitness plan we always advise to consult with a physician before starting, especially if you are on medications or have an underlying health issue.

girl doing a head stand on a surfboard on the waterCONCLUSION

To Sum Up, we have learned that having an overall fitness regimen is essential for living a long, high quality of life. While also decreasing stress, illness, injuries, and mental health issues. 

In life, one should feed the five areas of living a balanced life.

Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, and Intellectual

These Five Areas should be getting attention each day. When you starve one of these, the balance gets shifted and soon the other areas will be negatively impacted.

For example, we all know workaholics. These people work 12-16 hour days, do not work out, nothing spiritual, or eat right. These souls will get ill or disease will overtake their bodies sooner or later.

butterfly on a leafMany are on numerous medications, have high blood pressure, or other health issues. Consequently, many lives will be cut short because they starved the other four areas.

So nourish and give attention to all these five areas of life each day. As time passes you will see the best version of yourself emerge like a butterfly!



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