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This Article is for all the Cat Lovers out there. 

Cats are a bit different than dogs in the respect of love and emotions. We love all dogs, but compared to cats they are an emotionally weak animal.

Dogs crave and need attention and affection most of the time. Even if mistreated they will show Unconditional Love to their owners. A virtue most humans won’t achieve!

Whereas, with cats you have to earn their respect. A cat can be independent for hours on end. Throw few boxes on the floor and you might not see them for days!

The emotions of cat are kind of like a human who is bipolar. They can change emotions at a drop of a dime. From purring and rubbing up against you, to getting over stimulated and clawing you. Then bam! their gone, different room.

In this Article we will be Discussing:


two kitties laying on top of each otherWHAT IS CANNABIDIOL?

CBD is short for Cannabidiol. It is one of over 110 Identified Phytocannabinoids (Plant Chemicals) that are part of the biological makeup of the Hemp Plant.

In Addition, this member of Cannabis Sativa Family also contains numerous other beneficial vitamins and minerals, as well as heart healthy Omegas, Flavonoids, all 20 Amino Acids (including the Nine Essential Ones) and Terpenes.

Many experts believe that all of these helpful nutrients work together than with just CBD by itself as in CBD Isolate. This can only be attained if the user is getting a Broad Spectrum or Full Spectrum CBD Oil.

When all of these components work together Synergistically it may give the user the most potential advantages for their issues. They call this the “Entourage Effect.”

  • Broad Spectrum is when they filter out the THC, but everything else remains.
  • Full Spectrum is when 0.3% of Less of THC remains and is not filtered out.
  • Conversely, many Brands use CBD Isolate, which is only the CBD Chemical.

four kittens in a picnic basket with cbd oil tinctures flying aroundCANNABIS SATIVA

!!HEMP AND MARIJUANA!! For Many, this is the Reluctance factor when wanting to give CBD Oil to Ms. Puss.


True, Hemp and Marijuana are part of the same Plant family. However, they are more like relatives as far as their biology is concern.

  • Marijuana Bred for 10-30% THC Levels
  • Industrial Hemp is Bred for 20-40% CBD Levels
  • Marijuana typically only contains 1-4% CBD Levels
  • Legal Industrial Hemp has to have 0.3% or Less of THC 
  • Most Reputable Brands will Strain out this 0.3% of THC (THC-Free Oils)
  • Growing and Harvesting Conditions are Completely opposite

So, no Ms. Puss will not get high using a Hemp-Derived CBD Oil Product. Even if this tiny amount was not filtered out, it is so low that it would never cause any psychoactive affect in your Kitty.


infographic of the endocannabinoid system of a catAll mammals have an Endocannabinoid System (ECS). This Intricate system was discovered just three decades ago, and it is responsible for all of your Homeostasis Functions in you and your Cat.

This system lies all throughout your body; your organs, muscles, skin and your brain. With the Main Receptors Sites named CB1 and CB2. This is like cell-signaling type of system.

Just like you, your Cat already produces its own Endocannabinoids to help with all the functions of the ECS. I.E. Mood, Appetite, sleep, Body Temperature, Water/Salt Concentrations, Etc.

However, because of time, aging, poor nutrition, or the environment, many cats like humans are deficient in Endocannabinoids to help produce the basic functions of vitality and well-being. This is called the Endocannabinoid Deficiency Syndrome.

More Importantly, by adding CBD to your Cat’s system, it may hopefully restore the nutrient gap of the ECS and have it function as it did when he or she was a kitten.

It’s worth noting that all the research with CBD is still at the beginning stages. However, most researchers agree that it is well tolerated in your cat’s bodies.

In our Opinion, when something is derived from Mother Earth and an organic plant, it makes sense that your pets would welcome it better than a lab created synthetic solution.

Further, these synthetics burden your cat’s tiny liver because it has to filter these foreign molecules when cleansing the blood coming from the intestinal tract.

In addition to taxing your pets small and delicate organs, these medications also leave behind trace amounts, that build up over time. 

When your Cat’s Liver fails to function, it is a Death sentence!

cat sleeping underneath a bed blanket with face popping throughWHY OWNERS ARE GIVING CBD TO THEIR CAT


People are giving Hemp CBD Oil to their Cats for numerous reasons. The most common are for pain, mood issues, or aging joints or muscles. Some pet owners are giving it in hopes of preventing a future issue. The principle behind this is to improve your cat’s quality of life while they are here.

Side Effects:

As mentioned previously, research is still at the beginning stages, but what we know now is that side effects of cbd with Cats is minimal at best.

The most common is that if you give too much CBD your Cat, he/she might become drowsy or take a nap, the same can be said for humans as we share the same ECS biology.

Some other less reported side effects have been dry mouth, and a loose stool. If you notice one of these side effects, consult with your Veterinarian and stop or adjust the dose accordingly.


kitten standing upright in a corner of a couch looking bewilderedPet Tincture Oil – Like Humans, every Kitty is different. What might be the correct dosage for one, might not be for another, even though both cats might be the same breed and have the same age and weight.

We suggest to give about half a dropper full or 2-4 drops per 10 lbs of body weight, twice a day.

For most Cats, the 250mg or 500mg Tinctures will be plenty. We personally give one a dropper full of the 250mg bottle once a day to our cats, and the change was amazing!

Always start small and monitor your Cat. Usually you can tell after a few days if they are more playful or energetic. Typically, you will see positive behavior traits you might not have seen in years. However, if they are acting the same, then simply add a few more milligrams and wait a few more days, and so on.

Application Methods:cat paw prints

  • You can rub the oil on your fingertips and apply to your Cat’s gums if they will let you!
  • Squirt directly into their mouths
  • Inject the Oil into Wet Food
  • Drizzle or Mix together with some Treats
  • Mix in with their dry food
  • Even a little oil on a favorite toy they chew on

Remember, their bodies and organs are a Fraction the Size of Humans.

In general, Cats are much more pickier eaters than Dogs, so you might have to try a few ways to see what your cat will tolerate.


We always advise to speak with your Veterinarian before starting on a CBD Regimen for your Cat, especially if they are taking any other prescribed medications.

Further, We hope this informed you as to what Hemp Cannabidiol actually is, and the possible advantages of getting your cat on a CBD Regimen. More Importantly, that it will never get your Cat high.

In addition, we also know that CBD is generally regarded as well tolerated and a safe product with little known side effects for Cats.

So if you are going to embark down the CBD Path, just make sure the CBD is from a Premium Quality brand, Independently Lab Tested for Purity, and made with U.S. Organic Hemp Plants. 

Hemp acts like a sponge so it will soak up everything in the adjacent soil and water. This includes pesticides, herbicides, and other harmful chemicals and toxins.

This is why many farmers use it if they are changing their soil to Organic farming methods. Moreover, if you are buying non-organic hemp then all those impurities are going to go into you or your pet.

With everything in life, do your due diligence and talk to your Vet. Maybe CBD will be the right way to go for you and Ms. Puss.


Here our a few more links if you want further information regarding CBD for Cats and for general Pet Resources. Maybe it’s time to Adopt a Furry Friend!

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